Accelerate Enterprise Applications to Real Time

Enterprise Solutions

Vexata Systems have been architected and qualified for the most demanding enterprise applications for high frequency trading, time series database, online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytics processing (OLAP), big data and data warehouse analytics. Vexata has taken an customer focused, solutions-based approach that translates the array’s tremendous capabilities into tangible benefits for enterprise applications.

Simplify Deployments

Rapid deployment and expansion using standard application stacks and Fibre Channel Interfaces

Reduce TCO

Maximize server and application license investments but removing storage bottlenecks

Increase Revenues

Open up entirely new business opportunities and revenue streams


10x More Users and Queries for Oracle Database and RAC

In order to remain competitive, every enterprise is dealing with massive data growth, both in terms of sheer volume and velocity while simultaneously extracting value from this data in order to identify new business opportunities and risks. Relational databases, such as Oracle Database, is core to these business-critical applications.


Kx and Vexata Deliver Record Setting Performance Benchmarks

In the era of Big Fast Data analytics, Kx systems has set industry benchmarks for speed and stability across a broad range of high performance applications. It is widely used in the financial services industry for trading and risk management platforms and across a range of markets such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and IoT. Kx is also at the forefront of the use of predictive analytics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to drive operational intelligence and provide actionable insights.

SQL Server

Highest Rated SQL Solution on the Market

Microsoft SQL Server has become a high performance platform to run mission critical applications using high-performance technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics applications. Enterprises struggle to deliver high performance infrastructure needed to host SQL Server instances and many times the bottleneck becomes the underlying storage platform.


Real Time Architecture for SAS Applications

Enterprises are rapidly shifting to data-intensive, real-time applications that deliver interactive and contextual online customer experiences, these Real Time Enterprise applications require data infrastructures that deliver ultra- responsive data I/O across large active data sets. While SAS Grid and now SAS Viya are architected to meet the demands of modern business analytics and to take optimal advantage of modern multi-core CPUs, their performance and scale is ultimately constrained by storage I/O responsiveness. Even today’s leading enterprise all- flash arrays can not keep up with the capabilities of modern CPUs and servers causing these critical resources to stall waiting on I/O underutilized when operating across large data sets.

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