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Vexata solutions and reference architectures completely change the performance and economics for a broad range of Enterprise use cases

Leverage NVMe storage to transact more data and support 10X more users and queries for Oracle Database for OLTP, OLAP and HTAP use cases.

Vexata and Kx Systems set industry benchmarks for speed and stability for high-performance applications widely used in the financial services industry.

Real-time Enterprise analytics require low latency high throughput performance, Vexata offers resilient high performance data infrastructure to improve efficiency for SAS Grid and SAS Viya deployments.

Vexata unlocks the power of NVMe flash to accelerate Microsoft SQL Server based applications with 10x lower latency and 5x higher database query performance per server.

Vexata accelerates distributed, NoSQL-based database solutions such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, and others delivering massive throughput with low latency I/O that scales performance and capacity from TBs to PBs.

Virtualize mission critical applications with confidence to accelerate per VM performance, deliver better hypervisor efficiency, and lower costs in large-scale VMware ESX environments.

Customers use SAP to derive actionable intelligence from TBs of data. Vexata provides SAP with ultra-responsive data I/O across large active data sets.

Vexata delivers lightning fast data loads to accelerate analytics to give Spark-based applications high throughput and low latency.

Financial Trading

Time is Money. Vexata delivers enterprise grade storage for a broad range of high performance applications used widely in financial trading. By removing latency from the I/O stack, trades happen faster with dramatically better analytics accuracy.

Risk & Fraud Analytics

Businesses use machine learning to analyze and interpret patterns and structures of data to reduce risk and increase their fraud-detection efforts. Vexata accelerates these workflows.

Artificial Intelligence/ MACHINE Learning

Businesses use AI/ML powered by massively parallel GPU servers such as the NVIDIA DGX-1 to accelerate training and inferencing time, but these systems are impacted by storage performance. VelocityAI is ideal for accelerating AI/ML/DL workloads.


Data is doubling every two years, driven by human and machine generated data, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). The analysis of patterns and structure in this data and its transformation into actionable insights is driven by applications that use AI/ML/DL workloads.

‘At PDC Global we are very pleased with the Vexata product and customer service and look forward to a long relationship ahead.’

Ray Shirkhodai - Executive Director – PDC Global

Scaling Retail Payment system for 300M annual transactions

Oracle RAC for payment and settlement processing applications

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • Accelerated Oracle performance and database utilization
  • TCO reductions due to storage and server consolidation
  • 5X reduction in latency, improved throughput.

‘I’m very impressed with Vexata’s performance characteristics and analytics capability and look forward to deploying our second Vexata system and learning more about the architecture.’

Architect - Broadcom Storage Unit

‘Vexata improved our payroll processing time from days to hours – on our existing servers!’


Virtualizing High Performance Media Distribution Private Cloud

Global media distribution

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • TCO reductions due to storage consolidation
  • 10X reduction in latency, improved throughput
  • Utilize existing server, hypervisor, and network infrastructure

Boosting SQL Server Processing and Analytics

Cost effective performance for ERP, CRM and SCM systems

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • 4X faster SQL database operations at lower costs than competition
  • High availability for critical supply chain and inventory control systems

ERP for global contract manufacturing

Oracle and SQL based supply chain database and analytics

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • Improved performance to over 5M IOPS
  • Reduced their Oracle server requirements from 72 to 28 cores
  • Significant TCO savings for Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, and MySQL servers

”Vexata is the fastest array we have ever tested. Vexata runs faster on VMware then [our prior array] ever did on bare metal. It performed as promised.”

Chief Architect - Global Financial Organization

Real-Time Algorithmic Trading

Hedge fund utilizes AI for KX based trading analytics platform

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • 10X improvement in tick-analytics and back testing
  • Accelerated data ingest and processing for faster outcomes
  • Scales to support peak trading periods without degradation
  • Enterprise grade storage services and availability

Machine Learning Analysis and Processing for 200K trades/day

Oracle trading system could not support peak trading periods.

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • 6:1 consolidation and reduction in footprint, power, cooling
  • Trading accelerated with 2.75M IOPS and 37GB/s throughput
  • Smaller footprint reduced CAPEX and OPEX

Leading Insurance and Capital Management Company

Various insurance applications including Risk Analytics

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • Superior application acceleration and performance gains
  • 50% reduction in storage capital expenditures and operational costs
  • In-box scaling for seamless growth to support business expansion

Integrated IT Cloud Infrastructure Services

Provides outsourced IT infrastructure services

Results with Vexata VX-100F:
  • Improved SQL and Oracle application performance and scaling
  • Lowered cost to accelerate virtualized application services
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX improved the operational efficiency and margins

Machine Learning/AI for Cancer Research

Advanced computer vision/hyper-spectrometry with NVIDIA DGX-1

Results with Vexata VX-100FS:
  • Elimination of stage-based storage silos
  • 500% increase in bandwidth for rapid analytic data ingest
  • 80X time reduction in deep learning neural net training
  • Supported all stages in data pipeline with full DGX-1 utilization

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