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Deliver customer focused end-to-end solution architectures tested against toughest enterprise standards.

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Upgrade your infrastructure

Turn performance into measurable business benefits

Support 10x more users and queries for Oracle Database and RAC. Transact more data while simultaneously extracting value in order to identify new business opportunities and risks.

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Accelerate HTAP

Deliver integrated transaction and analytics processing for faster,  more accurate results.

Record setting performance benchmarks. Vexata and Kx systems have set industry benchmarks for speed and stability across a broad range of high performance applications widely used in the financial services industry for trading and risk management platforms.

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Secure Analytics

Time-series financial transactions that are fully encrypted without any performance degradation.  

Microsoft SQL Server has become the high performance platform to run mission critical applications using high performance technology across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics applications.

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Reduce TCO

Scale database and analytics services to increase efficiency and lower costs 

Enterprises are rapidly shifting to data-intensive, real-time applications that deliver interactive and contextual online customer experiences, these Real Time Enterprise applications require data infrastructures that deliver ultra- responsive data I/O across large active data sets.

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Better Analytics

Scale your enterprise analytics platforms to enable faster, more accurate decisions.  

Vexata provides best-in-class performance to support customers' growing SAP deployments. Vexata focuses on delivering value to our joint customers value through innovation to optimize their SAP landscapes.

Vexata scalable systems are the basis for VMware solutions that support integrated virtualization, automation, and orchestration that can help you virtualize all of your data center apps and desktops.

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