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Faster Insights. Instant Data Loads. Transact More Data.

SQL systems, running on a multi-core server can drive more than 25GB/s of throughput, well beyond what traditional all-flash arrays (AFAs) can support. In order to keep ahead of OLTP and workloads, a new approach is needed.

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Maximize SQL server performance

Vexata scalable systems enable Microsoft SQL server architects to scale to support higher workloads, larger data sets with much faster insights.


Faster data loads

Modern insight systems process extensive volumes in parallel. In order to best support these analytics environments, Vexata’s parallel distributed processing delivers sustained read bandwidths over 45GB/s.


Lightning fast transaction processing

SQL Server OLTP environments run much more efficiently when matched to a storage system that consistently delivers sub-millisecond response times and Vexata has been certified to deliver consistent low latency IOPS, even under heavy bandwidth loads.

SQL by the numbers


Data Warehouse Rating

Using a quad socket server, the Vexata VX-100F storage system established new benchmarks for the Microsoft test suite.


OLTP Transactions Per Second

The Vexata VX-100F delivered extremely impressive SQL Server OLTP test results.



When tested under load, the Vexata VX-100F was validated to maintain <1ms latency with .0008% accuracy.

Maximize SQL Server Deployments

Business critical systems rely on high performance infrastructure to get the most from your SQL Server investments. Vexata has eliminated I/O waits to deliver I/O and throughput performance for your SQL OLTP and analytics ecosystems.

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