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10X Performance Boost for SAS

SAS Grid has been architected to meet the demands of modern business analytics, and Vexata delivers the performance to unlock the potential of SAS.

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Transform your SAS environment

Vexata offers resilient, high performance, storage solutions that provide unmatched levels of performance and efficiency for SAS analytics.


Seamlessly scale SAS systems

Analytics systems growth can be unpredictable, something addressed by the Vexata scalable systems providing on-demand scaling.


In-memory extensions

SAS Viya in-memory analytics systems can be extended by utilizing Vexata scalable systems to extend near in-memory performance across data sets that can scale as large as 30TB

SAS by the numbers



Utilizing a platform that delivers 10X more bandwidth and I/O performance, SAS architects can get higher utilization and users.

45 GB/S


Vexata VX-100F was benchmarked with SAS Grid to deliver more than 10X bandwidth than leading AFA.

20 GB/S


SAS Grid results in write updates, requiring more bandwidth, which was delivered by Vexata with headroom.

Higher SAS utilization means faster results and lower costs.

SAS deployments using traditional controller based architectures are often starved for I/O, creating unacceptable performance. Vexata provides SAS users with higher performance which immediately results in more active users, better efficiency and faster outcomes.

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