Unmatched Oracle Performance

As enterprises shift to online and software-driven business models, Oracle infrastructure is being pushed to run at exponentially higher scale and performance.

Accelerate Oracle Deployments

Oracle growth calls for real-time responses to complex transactional and analytics data scenarios that drive digital commerce. Vexata delivers the performance to enable architects and administrators to deliver consistent outcomes as these systems scale.

Scale to more users

The performance to support more OLTP and OLAP instances without extra license cost

Process larger data sets

Lightning fast data loads and high frequency transaction processing deliver faster results

Oracle By the Numbers



With a scale-out architecture
that delivers an unlimited
supply of I/O operations per
second, Vexata accelerates
OLTP workloads.



By eliminating I/O wait times
and consistently delivering sub-
millisecond latency, Oracle RAC
delivers more transactions with
the same licenses.



The Vexata Scalable Systems
deliver significant performance
advantages over all flash arrays
and are available for about 1/5
the cost of converged systems.

Delivering new levels of performance and availability for Oracle

Vexata scalable systems provide the high bandwidth, low latency performance that Oracle OLTP and Analytics systems require.

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