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Time is Money. Vexata works closely with Kx systems to deliver enterprise grade solutions across a broad range of high performance applications widely used in the financial services industry for trading and risk management platforms.

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Accelerate Ingest Rates

Kx kdb+ solutions have been fully tested and characterized with the Vexata VX-100F, delivering fast data loads and analytics for financial services applications and use cases.


Faster query throughputs

Verified by STAC to support very fast query throughputs, well over 45GB/s, a 4x improvement over existing all flash arrays.


Low latency, high transaction rates

Time series databases require very tight I/O latency tolerance and high I/O transactions per second. Vexata delivers over 7M IOPS with extremely low latencies, purpose built for transactional applications.

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Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) has verified that the Vexata VX-100F shattered many of their standing performance benchmarks.

220 µS


STAC also verified 200uS of sustained I/O latency, a 5x improvement over closest competition



Vexata established over 22 new performance benchmarks running the kdb+ database during the STAC test analysis.

Highest performance enterprise storage system for Kx kdb+ database

The Vexata VX-100 scalable systems deploy seamlessly into existing Fibre Channel networks to deliver record breaking performance without the need for custom host drivers or appliances.

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