SAS Performance Assessment

SAS Analytics Health Check


Vexata and Destiny Corp provide a complimentary

SAS Analytics assessment with a goal of identifying

the symptoms and potential reasons for long running

SAS processes. All work is completed remotely with

collaboration from the client contact. No SAS users

need to be involved for this analysis.

Key Benefits:

  • Identification and remediation of the key issues that cause long running SAS processes.
  • Allowing for more time to be spent on Analysis rather than SAS/ETL processing.

A finely tuned SAS environment will allow for more analytic data to be processed; additional analytics will allow for better business insight. 

Who Should Participate

Analytics heavy application teams, ETL teams, and SAS users as well as key business individuals who can identify which types of analysis are required and cause the longest execution times.

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SAS Analytics Health Check

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