SQL DWFT Technical Report

The Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) reference architecture program was created by Microsoft to independently validate and asses the effectiveness of different hardware configurations for analytic workloads.  The underlying concepts are to ensure balance across all tiers and to certify configurations for their expected performance level.

Central to the performance and balance qualification is the Core-Balanced Architecture.  This is a concept where the CPU cores are considered the engine for data processing and all other tiers need to be configured to fully enable the CPU cores.  Otherwise, performance and costs could be out of balance.

In this white paper, we highlight how Vexata is the perfect solution for an analytics platform by delivering:

  • Unprecedented bandwidth allowing for much higher scale
  • The highest TB-per-core rating yielding the most optimized core utilization
  • A cost effective and simple scale out model for today and tomorrow

Get a copy of the report today and see how Vexata is the ultimate data tier for your analytics platform.

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