April 19, 2018
10 am PST / 1pm EST

How to Scale Oracle Database and Reduce Your TCO

As Enterprises transition to online data-driven transactional business models, the need to support more customers and users at scale, typically means massive investments for Oracle database licenses and the supporting data infrastructure. But most enterprise infrastructure is not optimized to maximize the performance of CPUs in their database servers resulting in wasted resources and poor utilization of these expensive Oracle licenses. Are the bottlenecks in their current infrastructure well understood? With a plethora of solid state storage options available, do infrastructure architects know how to effectively evaluate and select the best storage platform to reduce Oracle TCO?

The key to optimizing your Oracle infrastructure spend is the focus of this webinar where Vexata solution architects will address some of the common misconceptions related to scaling Oracle ecosystems using case studies and best practices to deliver massive performance improvements and realize significant cost savings.

You will learn about:

  • When and how to tune various infrastructure options available to an Oracle DBA
  • How to maximize database performance including how to optimize CPU cores based on deploying solid-state storage systems.
  • Best practices for Oracle evaluation and benchmarking tools including SLOB2, IO Calibration, and Orion

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Ganesh LinkedIn HeadshotGanesh Balabharathi, Technical Director
Infrastructure technologies professional with over 20 years of extensive experience in design, implementation and administration of databases at enterprise level with an emphasis on Oracle and MS-SQL Server. Master of Science (MS) degree in statistics, mathematics and computer science. Developed skills in storage performance characterization, enterprise planning, big data environments and blockchain technologies.

Venky Nagapudi HeadshotVenky Nagapudi, VP of Product Management
Venky has 20 years experience in engineering and product management in the storage, networking and computer industries. He led product management at EMC and Applied Microsystems. Also, held engineering leadership roles at Intel, Brocade and holds 10 patents with an MBA from Haas business school at UC Berkeley, an MSEE from North Carolina State University, and a BSEE from IIT Madras.

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