Oracle Technical Report

In today’s competitive industry, it is important for businesses to understand that real-time access to data is the only way to drive proper business outcomes and extract value from the data. This includes the ability to simultaneously perform high volume online transaction processing (OLTP) and lighting fast data loads for online analytics processing (OLAP).  In order to accomplish this, a completely new approach is needed for data management.

Oracle 12c has raised the bar with respect to database performance, so Vexata has tested against standard Oracle benchmarks to validate performance under real-world OLTP workloads.  The outcomes of these benchmarks were captured in this detailed technical report.

Key Points and Results of the Oracle Technical Report:

  • VDBench and SLOB benchmarks were used to validate VX-100F Flash Storage performance
  • Measured over 5M IOPS with under 300µS write latency
  • Validated performance of 47GB/s read and 15GB/s write throughput

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