October 19, 2017

Architecting for SQL Server Performance

Starting with proper architectural principles and considerations will lead to success for analytics and transactional systems. The featured webinar will be a detailed walk of all the software and hardware infrastructure below the database server. Matt will explain how each layer affects database workloads and will provide tools and metrics for determining optimal architectural configurations.

You will learn about:

  • How to design SQL server infrastructures for optimal performance
  • How the software and hardware infrastructure affect database performance
  • Tools and metrics to determine appropriate hardware allocations. (i.e., how many CPU cores, data volumes, tempdb files or GBs of memory are needed for your workload.)
  • Tools and metrics that can help find current bottlenecks, inside and outside of the database server
  • Tools and best practices for monitoring all layers

Presented by

Matt Henderson, Director of Microsoft Technology at Vexata
Matt has over two decades of experience in designing high performance database platforms and over five years working with the latest all-flash storage technologies. He currently is the Director of Microsoft Technologies at Vexata where he helps customers optimize and scale their mission critical databases.

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