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Business critical applications require high performance systems.  High end compute and networking infrastructure can saturate traditional all-flash arrays. It's time to take a completely new approach with the Vexata Active Data System 

Active Data Fabric

What could your business do with this kind of performance?

By eliminating I/O bottlenecks, Vexata has delivered a solution that unlocks active data, lowers TCO and improves efficiency by 10X.

I/O Latency

VX-100M delivers 25x lower latency
than leading All Flash Array


Delivered by VX-100M Optane
Storage System in 6U

Vexata Product Portfolio

The Vexata Product Portfolio is built upon the Active Data Fabric that unlocks the full potential of high volume transactional and analytic applications.




VX-OS accelerates I/O processing and delivers massive bandwidth for all OLTP and analytic systems

VX-OS is the embedded operating system that fully utilizes the latest commercially available systems and NVMe Flash media to deliver high performance storage, management and services across the entire family of Vexata products.

The VX-100 Scalable Data Systems deliver extreme I/O performance at scale.

The VX-100 Scalable System is a high availability, 6U hot pluggable storage platform that utilizes best in breed, commercially available hardware to deliver unmatched performance and availability across a broad range of use cases.

VX-100F All Flash Storage System


220µS Latency
155TB Usable Capacity
60GB/S (45R/15W) Bandwidth
7M IOPS (8KB 70R/30W)

Use Cases:

Online Transaction Processing
Database consolidation
Data warehouse analytics
Cognitive AI/Machine Learning

VX-100M - Optane Storage System


40µS Latency
32TB Usable Capacity
80GB/S (50R/30W) Bandwidth
7M IOPS (8KB 70R/30W)

Use Cases:

High frequency trading
In-memory extension
Risk and fraud analytics
Distributed edge computing

Download VX-100 Data Sheet
VX-Manager provides complete analytics and management visibility

VX-Manager is a web-based, enterprise grade management and analytics suite that provides the complete suite of easy to use provisioning, management, troubleshooting for the family of Vexata Active Data Systems.

Activate your data

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