June 25, 2018

Vexata Supercharges Array (Again)

Original article found here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/06/25/storage_roundup/

by Chris Mellor

Vexata has added NVMe over Fabrics access to its VX-100F array, prodding it to higher performance.

The VX-100F array uses 64 x NVMe flash drives and has FPGA-enhanced controllers accessing the drives in parallel over lossless Ethernet. It delivers 70GB/sec throughput and 7 million IOPS with a 200μs response time.

The 6U arrays now support 8TB drives, giving a maximum raw capacity of 512TB (64 x 8TB SSDs), and 435TB of useable capacity.

VX-OS 3.5 adds NVMe over Fabrics (NVME-oF) support and pumps the performance higher, to 80GB/sec and up to 8 million IOPSin a fully loaded VX-100F 6u chassis.

The improved performance with VX-OS 3.5 comes from:

  1. Improvements in the scheduling algorithm within the VX-100F system that provides improved latency and hence better throughput performance across all protocols
  2. VX-OS 3.5 is the first release to support the NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) protocol, so the latencies specified (35μs write and 90μs read) are a result of to the improved efficiency of the NVMe-oF host stack

The system supports all NVMe-oF (NVMe-oF via GbitE using RoCE v2 and NVMe-oF via Fibre Channel) or mixed modes of NVMe-oF and standard FC (SCSI) within the same chassis to allow customers to non-disruptively migrate to NVMe-oF services.

The new software also provides new policy based management and native integration with Active Directory and role-based access control to provide better management in large-scale deployments.
VX 100F Chassis

Vexata VX-100F chassis (top) rear (middle) and front behind age bezel (bottom)

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