June 21, 2018

Vexata Creates a New Standard in All-NVMe Flash Storage Performance and Economics With Its VX-OS 3.5 Release for The Cognitive Computing Era

Vexata Operating System (VX-OS) v3.5 Supercharges VX-100 Hardware with NVMe-oF Performance and Doubles the Usable Capacity at Half the Cost of Leading AFA Vendors

San Jose, Calif. – June 21, 2018 – Vexata has introduced a new version of its Vexata operating system (VX-OS) software that delivers 5x-10x the performance of leading all flash arrays at a fraction of the cost, creating the perfect data storage for the Cognitive Computing Era.

With VX-OS 3.5, organizations will finally be able to build a data management infrastructure to enable a storage economy of scale that transforms analytical workloads and makes cognitive computing initiatives possible. By matching its cut-through cache-less architecture with standards-based NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) support to achieve the lowest data storage latencies, VX-OS 3.5 enables Vexata to extend its NVMe market leadership after being the first to bring the NVMe flash array in January 2017.

Through its patented Active Data Architecture, Vexata enables cut-through parallel access to all system SSDs, capable of multiple petabytes in a dense 6 rack unit (RU) chassis. Unlike existing AFA architectures that rely on CPU and local DRAM memory for acceleration – which bottleneck modern NVMe Flash SSDs – Vexata offers a cache-less architecture that completely unlocks these SSDs and fully takes advantage of the NVMe-oF latency improvements. This results in the market-leading NVMe performance at economics not seen before. With no infrastructure changes needed, Vexata VX-100 can simply plug in and provide an easy path to an all-NVMe-based data storage ecosystem. Its bladed system approach enables Vexata customers to upgrade performance and capacity to scale up and scale out in the same physical rack space.

When customers install the VX-100F array in a data center, the performance impact is immediate, delivering broad-based performance improvements at lower cost points than the competition. They will not only experience the fastest storage performance, but they’ll also experience unmatched efficiency on database and server operations. With the VX-OS 3.5 release, customers achieve:

Breakthrough economics

  • Higher capacity in a lower-cost footprint — 435TB of usable capacity in a 6U chassis today, and 1PB by the end of the year. In 2019, Vexata will support multiple PBs of capacity with the advent of 32TB drives.
  • Each enterprise storage module (ESM) is a storage blade that represents more performance than an entire array for most AFA products on the market today.
  • Higher capacity with 8TB drive support, increasing system density while lowering per-GB costs.

Transformative NVMe performance

  • Vexata has been shipping all-NVMe arrays since 2017 and it consistently resets the bar for this protocol’s performance in the industry. With this release, VX-OS enables:
    • Dramatic latency improvements, including 35us write latency and 90us read latency.
    • Throughput increases from 70GB/s to 80GB/s to support large data ingest for analytics.
    • NVMe-oF for 40GB Ethernet and 32GB Fibre Channel fabric interface.
    • A no-host footprint. Unlike other early implementations of NVMe-oF, Vexata ensures no need for proprietary host software, which consumes host CPU cycles.

Operational simplicity

  • Advanced snapshot management, providing increased compliance support, consistency groups, scheduling and application consistent snapshots.
  • Multi-chassis management, allowing customers to scale deployments to multiple Vexata VX-100 chassis from a single management console.
  • Support for OpenStack and Docker Container for wider application
  • Most comprehensive set of NVMe options, supporting standard Fibre Channel-attached NVMe, NVMe-oF via GbE using RoCE v2 and NVMe-oF via Fibre Channel.

“Existing all flash storage arrays force the infrastructure choice to scale up or scale out, but cannot do both,” said Zahid Hussain, Vexata founder and CEO. “But with Vexata’s Scalable NVMe Storage Arrays, customers have the greatest shared-storage flexibility to economically scale within the chassis and scale out across multiple chassis for analytics, machine learning and other high-performance workloads.” 

To learn more about how Vexata enables cognitive applications, you can attend this webinar titled: “A New Era in Data Storage for Machine Learning and AI Ecosystems

About Vexata 

Vexata powers todays cognitive era applications driving predictive analytics and autonomous decisions. Based on a patented active data architecture, Vexata delivers 10x performance and efficiency improvements at a fraction of the cost of existing all-flash storage solutions. The result is transformative performance with breakthrough economics enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure to operate at scale. For more information visit vexata.com or follow us @VexataCorp.



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