August 27, 2018

Vexata Announces VMware-Optimized Storage Solution With Industry Leading Performance and Cost Economics

VMworld Conference, Las Vegas, NV — August 27, 2018 – Vexata, a leader in high-performance NVMe Flash storage systems, announced an optimized NVMe-based storage solution for VMware workloads. Vexata delivers better economics and I/O throughput performance than any other all-flash array (AFA) vendor on the market today. This means enterprise architects and infrastructure owners can continue to innovate with virtualized environments while minimizing the costs of their workloads and scaling them more easily than with traditional AFA storage solutions.

As multi-core compute performance increases, the number of virtual machines supported by a VMware ESX hypervisor continues to grow, translating to hundreds of VMs per datacenter rack. This type of traffic load can easily overwhelm all-flash storage infrastructures, because a single multi-core server can drive more throughput than most AFAs can support— requiring architects to distribute, load and buy more AFAs than needed to scale performance. Modern application workloads are driving higher levels of bandwidth, IOPS and faster response times, exposing the storage controller to bottlenecks that exist in almost every AFA architecture.

The Vexata Storage Solution for VMware Workloads

The VX-100F offers breakthrough economics by reducing the investment in virtualization to deliver higher performance at lower costs than leading AFAs. Vexata offers linear scaling of performance as capacity scales. Expandable VMs are provided with NVMe-based storage that expands capacity from TB’s to PB’s and unlocks the full potential of modern solid-state media.

In addition, Vexata enables the consolidation of multiple simultaneous workloads to one array without sacrificing capacity or performance. The Vexata VX-100 unleashes the full potential of NVMe solid-state media with a purpose-built architecture that gives VMware infrastructure a tenfold performance improvement over existing AFAs at much lower cost points.

Breakthrough Performance and Economics for VMware Environments

In terms of performance, the VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array provides VMs with massive throughput, ultra-low latency, 99.9999% availability and enterprise data services to deliver high-performance I/O to VMs with bare-metal performance for mission critical workloads. The parallel access of the VX-100 to the NVMe media results in VMs accessing data with dramatically higher query and ingest rates compared to a conventional AFA. This enables IT to consolidate multiple VMs to a single storage system while giving each VM a significant improvement in performance and operational efficiency.

Vexata also enables IT teams to reduce their number of servers and associated software licenses that are dedicated to VMs. The VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array is certified for VMware ESXi 6.7 and supports  Microsoft Hyper V, Citrix XenServer, Oracle/RHEL Virtualization and KVM. Eliminating VM contention and improving VM security running different applications on the Vexata solution is enabled by high-performance data services for every application — regardless of load. VM data is fully protected with space-efficient snapshots and clones which provide a great platform for production, test and development. All VM data is fully secured with an AES 256-bit algorithm which operates at line rates without performance degradation.

For more information, please visit  or Vexata for VMware Workloads Solution Brief.

About Vexata

Vexata powers today’s cognitive era applications driving predictive analytics and autonomous decisions. Based on a patented active data architecture, Vexata delivers 10x performance and efficiency improvements at a fraction of the cost of existing all-flash storage solutions. The result is transformative performance with breakthrough economics enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure to operate at scale. For more information, please visit or follow us @VexataCorp.



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