June 28, 2018

Vexata Announces Record-Breaking STAC-A3 Benchmarks for Performance on Financial Trading Systems

Working with Levyx Real-time Persistent Compute Platforms, the Vexata VX-100F Beats Performance Benchmarks for Back Testing and Algorithmic Trading Systems

San Jose, CA – June 28, 2018 Vexata, the leader in high-performance NVMe Flash storage systems, announced another record in performance with the completion of the STAC-A3™ benchmarks, which evaluate the performance of financial services infrastructure technology. Vexata, working in conjunction with Levyx, a provider of real-time, persistent computing, submitted a combined solution for testing by STAC®, the Securities Technology Analysis Center, to clearly illustrate how to deliver breakthrough performance for backtesting of trading algorithms.

With Apache Spark accelerated by Levyx Xenon and utilizing six Intel Xeon SP-based servers connected via Fibre Channel to the Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array, the combined solution set new STAC-A3 records. For example, in one benchmark the Levyx-Vexata solution achieved 35% more trading simulations per second while using 70% fewer servers. The complete STAC Report™ is available at www.STACresearch.com/LEVX180608.

Levyx and Vexata estimate that the cost of the new solution is just a third the cost of the previous record holder, providing nearly a 300% improvement in price/performance.

“While financial trading platforms have accelerated compute through next-generation FPGAs and GPUs, system architects have since discovered that, in order to achieve optimal performance, they also need to be able to efficiently move large amounts of data to these computing platfroms,” said Reza Sadri, CEO of Levyx. “Through our collaboration, Vexata not only provides a very fast storage layer for accessing the data, but it is so fast that, combined with Levyx’s persistent dataframe layer, they deliver an ideal alternative to memory for hosting live datasets in a bulletproof enterprise-grade system. The results that we’ve achieved with Vexata demonstrate what’s possible when you accelerate both layers.”

Vexata Scalable NVMe Flash Arrays enable the highest performance at market-leading economics for database and analytics workloads, as well as for emerging AI and machine learning (ML) use cases. Mimicking the approach used by AI and ML frameworks that achieve acceleration using GPUs, the Vexata arrays feature hardware accelerators that enable nearly 20x higher performance than existing all-flash arrays that use traditional storage architectures.

The Levyx Xenon™ platform is widely used in the financial services industry for accelerating backtesting and risk-management workloads. Levyx’s risk analyitcs acceleration platform significantly speeds up the validation of trading algorithms and strategies leading to lower deployment costs and execution times, whille improving time to revenues.

Peter Lankford, Director of STAC, said: “Across the trading and investment industry, firms are working to turn large amounts of data into profitable strategies through techniques like machine learning. Backtesting potential strategies is a crucial step in that process, and it requires technology that can handle big data at high speed. Quant funds and banks in the STAC Benchmark Council specified the benchmarks in STAC-A3 as an independent way to measure the ability of software and hardware innovations to accelerate backtesting workloads. The fact that Vexata and Levyx submitted a solution for rigorous STAC-A3 testing shows that they are focused on helping financial firms get new strategies to market more quickly.”

Zahid Hussain, CEO of Vexata, added: “Many hedge funds and the world’s largest financial institutions are trusting Vexata to support their accelerated compute frameworks for AI and ML, built using GPUs and FPGAs. When microseconds matter, Levyx’s Xenon accelerated computing platform running on Vexata’s accelerated enterprise storage offers a compelling high-performance solution for back testing and risk analytics.”

  • Performance in the STAC-A3.β1.SWEEP.SPEED2.BEST benchmark compared to the previous record holder (SUT ID:  HPAT171029).

About Vexata

Vexata powers today’s cognitive era applications driving predictive analytics and autonomous decisions. Based on a patented active data architecture, Vexata delivers 10x performance and efficiency improvements at a fraction of the cost of existing all-flash storage solutions. The result is transformative performance with breakthrough economics enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence infrastructure to operate at scale. For more information, please visit Vexata.com or follow us @VexataCorp.

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