July 2, 2018

Vexata and STAC

Original article found here: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/07/02/the_storage_roulette_wheel_spins_around_again/

By Chris Mellor, The Register

Vexata and STAC

STAC recently performed STAC-A3 benchmark tests on a stack consisting of the STAC-A3 Pack for Spark (Rev C) with Apache Spark 2.1 and Levyx Xenon 3.2.1 on 6 Supermicro server nodes attached via Fibre Channel to a Vexata VX-100F array containing a total of 103 TiB of Intel NVME SSD. The STAC report is available here.

STAC-A3 simulates workloads common in the refinement and backtesting of trading strategies. Like other STAC Benchmarks, STAC-A3 is agnostic to architecture.

The Vexata and Levyx system used 6 nodes and exhibited:

  • 5 instrument-simulations/second on a basket of ideal size for this solution (STACA3.β1.SWEEP.SPEED2.BEST).
  • The previous record of 51.4 required 20 servers (SUT ID HPAT171029)
  • 8 instrument-simulations/second on a basket of 50 instruments (STACA3.β1.SWEEP.SPEED2.BASE)
  • This was 69 per cent faster than the previously published best results on a system with five servers (SUT ID HPAT171028) despite the current solution having only 20 per cent more servers.

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