September 8, 2017

Vexata announces transformative file solution for unstructured active data

SAN JOSE, Calif – September xx, 2017 — Vexata (@VexataCorp), the leader in high performance data storage solutions for enterprise and cloud datacenters, is now offering a transformative network-attached storage (NAS) file solution for today’s most demanding analytics, simulation and database platforms. The new Vexata File Solution combines:

  • The all-flash VX-100F Scalable Storage System based on the groundbreaking Vexata VX-OS software
  • The enterprise-hardened IBM Spectrum Scale™ file system software running on up to four standard dual socket Intel® Xeon® servers

The result is a scalable, resilient file storage solution supporting industry-standard NFSv3 and GPFS distributed file system protocols at 1M+ random file IOPS, 50GB/s read and 20GB/s write bandwidth, and up to 180TB of protected capacity. In addition, the Vexata File Solution supports Spectrum Scale® file-based snapshots/clones and replication as well as VX-100F data-at-rest encryption at full performance.

The Vexata File Solution is ideal for today’s most data-intensive applications operating across large unstructured data sets, including financial trading systems, electronic design automation, 3D rendering and image processing, and genomics and drug discovery.

“We are excited to add the Vexata File Solution to our all solid state storage portfolio and help businesses realize significant gains in productivity while lowering operational expense”, said Zahid Hussain, CEO of Vexata. “Our partnership with leading server vendors enables us to offer fully integrated reference designs that business partners can take to market immediately.”

Michael McNerney, VP, Software Solutions at Supermicro added, “Our enterprise customers are demanding ever higher performance for enterprise scale-out file solutions. A high performance, scale-out solution based on standard Supermicro servers, IBM Spectrum Scale parallel filesystem and the Vexata Scalable Storage System addresses this demand by delivering breakthrough performance, cost-effectively.”

Michael Sedlmayer, CEO of Restore, an IBM exclusive reseller and a Vexata business partner added, “We are excited to take this high performance Vexata IBM Spectrum Scale combined solution to market as it offers the most scalable file solution to our key customers, enabling them to solve technical and business challenges they are not able to address with any other solution in the market.”

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About Vexata

Vexata’s active data infrastructure solutions enable transformative performance at scale for the I/O intensive applications driving digital business. Based on its groundbreaking VX-OS software, Vexata solid state storage systems deploy simply and seamlessly into enterprise and cloud datacenters. For more information visit or follow us @VexataCorp.

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