January 3, 2018

ITPT’25 Vexata Makes Your Data Active

Original Article (French): https://www.linformaticien.com/actualites/id/46999/itpt-25-vexata-rend-vos-donnees-actives.aspx

by Bertrand Gare , on January 03, 2018 15:46

Vexata is a very young company since it came out of the secret mode last fall after 3 years of work. The idea of ​​the company is to create a solution that can ingest and manage the data volume of current applications to allow active access to all data.
With the official announcement of its launch, Vexata also added a third round of financing of $ 54 million that rewarded 3 years of efforts to create a solution to make all of the company’s data active from anywhere. they are issued. Compared to today’s systems, only passive data can be used. Vexata offers an ingestion event pipeline to drive data processing algorithms, data processing and application delivery. On convenience equipment, Vexata installs its solution that consists of a data consumption model under an operational layer, the solution OS (VX-OS), and a data access layer to analytic applications. , OLTP / OLAP / HTAP and distributed applications.

An original architecture
VX-OS is the engine of the solution. It takes advantage of optimized NVMe SSD I / O algorithms on ARM Cavium processors in a 6U module, or 64 drives per array in parallel for distributed processing using the shortest path for data on a redundant Ethernet network.

Controllers, redundant themselves, are positioned on Xeon chips and run the services of the bay on VX-OS. Metadata is processed in memory which allows the solution to display much lower performance and latencies than competing solutions. The solution is scale-out by adding node. In addition, the solution also supports Fiber Channel, making it easier to integrate into existing enterprise SAN environments.

An unbeatable price
The solution starts at $ 70K, “a lot cheaper than Oracle for example, ” says Vexata’s marketing director, Ashish Gupta (below). Vexata already has customers in the USA and in Asia. Europe is his next destination where he will confront Dell EMC, Pure Storage and the other big players in the storage market. But the newcomer is not lacking assets because of its price, its architecture and its sophisticated file system by combining the must of SSD disks and solutions of new generations of data management. Vexata is currently working on a purely software version of its solution.

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