October 3, 2017

ESG Lab Test Results of Vexata VX-100 on Oracle RAC Workload Reveal Record-Setting Performance

Vexata Scalable Storage Systems Proven by ESG to Run Complex Oracle OLTP and Analytics Utilizing Flash and Optane based SSD Across a Battery of Performance Tests with Record Setting Results

San Francisco, CA — October 3, 2017 — At the Oracle OpenWorld conference today, Vexata released a new ESG Lab report which validates the extreme performance of the Vexata VX-100 Scalable Storage Systems running OLTP and analytic workloads in an Oracle RAC environment. ESG found that while the VX-100F provided outstanding performance for an all-flash system, the VX-100M took performance to the next level, providing memory-class IOPS and response times while servicing OLTP and analytics workloads against the same database at the same time.

According to a recent ESG Research report, 58 percent of IT and business professionals said that improved performance was one of the most important factors when implementing solid-state storage.  Vexata’s technologies address this issue by combining networking and analytical principles to meet the demands new applications place on enterprises, and deliver a solution that transforms data infrastructure to improve decisions today, enhance operational performance and simplify networking goals.

“Legacy infrastructures were not built for today’s applications, data sets, or even storage media, and they are simply not able to keep up with modern performance requirements,” said Tony Palmer Senior IT Validation Analyst at ESG. “Vexata VX-100M offers comparable performance to in-memory databases and has the benefits of both lower server-side latency and shared storage. Organizations looking to optimize transactional processing and data analytics while reducing their infrastructure footprint should take a close look at Vexata VX-100 series.”

About The Vexata VX-100 Series

Vexata VX-100 Scalable Storage Systems eliminates the need for proprietary storage networks and connectivity and enables IT to spend more time and money on productive business efforts. Companies get faster time to the data that drives business outcomes, with a vastly consolidated application environment and a storage solution that delivers massive performance gains in a small footprint.

These enterprise-class all solid-state scalable data systems are designed to meet the I/O, throughput, and response time requirements of database and analytics applications. The Vexata VX-100F system uses NVMe SSDs for storage and the Vexata VX-100M system uses Intel Optane SSD modules based on 3D XPoint technology. The Vexata architecture is designed to enable users to take advantage of the performance characteristics of the back-end storage media with both systems. Vexata’s stated performance for both systems is up to 7 million IOPS at 220 microsecond latency for the flash-based VX-100F and 40 microsecond latency for the 3D XPoint-based VX-100M. This is accomplished without host drivers or changes to the application, servers or network stack and allows Vexata to deliver line rate read and write traffic across all 32Gbps Fibre Channel Ports. For more information, visit the Vexata solutions page.

ESG Lab Test Parameters

The performance test environment included four dual socket x86 servers, each with dual 28-core Intel Xeon Scalable processors and 512GB of memory, running Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 12c. Each server was connected to a single VX-100M system using two dual port Emulex 32G FC HBAs per server via dual Brocade G620 32G FC switches. Testing used a 5TB database configured with several different types of tables and numerous record and population sizes. Workloads tested included: a complex OLTP workload with several concurrent transactions of differing types, an analytics workload with a combination of high data ingest and query processing, and a hybrid transaction processing and analytics (HTAP) workload that combines the two. Performance was tested using HammerDB, an open source database load testing and benchmarking tool in addition to the SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) test tool. The full report can be found at: http://www.vexata.com/resource/esg-lab-review-vexata-vx-100-scalable-storage-system/

The ESG report concludes: “The Vexata VX-100 all-flash storage systems deliver the interoperability and robustness required by enterprise users. The VX-100’s Fibre Channel interface and support for Linux, Solaris, Windows and ESX means it will integrate into any 21st century data center. ESG Lab found as little as 10% performance degradation under some failure conditions, almost linear performance improvement for drive-bound applications as capacity was added, and no measurable impact of encryption at line rate. The VX-100’s straightforward GUI and ability to continue high performance processing under hardware failures, and to repair faults and upgrade online, helps enterprise users meet SLAs.”

See Vexata Demos at Oracle OpenWorld

Vexata’s technology can be experienced first hand at Oracle OpenWorld (Booth 2101) at Moscone Center in San Francisco from October 1-4. Vexata will demo its scalable data system, including All Optane™Performance, Real-World HTAP Solutions, Oracle OLAP Flash Cache with Optane, and NVMe over Ethernet.

About Vexata

Vexata’s active data infrastructure solutions enable transformative performance and scale for database and analytics platforms and applications. Through its innovative VX-OS, Vexata systems fully utilize the latest in media, such as NVMe Flash and now 3D XPoint SSDs, and seamlessly deploy into enterprise and cloud datacenters. For more information visit www.vexata.com or follow us on Twitter @VexataCorp


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