A Fast Path to High Alpha Profits: Levyx Accelerated Computing Platform Running on Vexata’s Accelerated Enterprise Storage

Rick Walsworth

Learn how to achieve increased performance from your financial trading systems with less infrastructure, resulting in a 300% improvement in the price/performance ratio over the industry’s next best alternative solution.


Many financial industry experts are touting the present stock market as the longest running Bull Market in history. That may or may not be true, but what is certainly true is that financial traders need to find the highest return on investment as quickly as possible.

And that requires massive computing power to crunch through an enormous amount of data.

Automated trading systems have become a significant portion of trade activity in U.S. markets, especially in the last decade. Sophisticated financial backtesting operations that use trading algorithms to run simulations, along with trading models and risk and fraud analytics, are key to achieving the all-important alpha.

More simulations, running at greater speed and efficiency, result in more profits. Unfortunately, I/O bottlenecks impacts system performance and delays analytic outcomes. What’s more, financial system technology and application workload environments have enormous sensitivity to latency. If latency is introduced anywhere in the I/O stack, it throttles the application performance and makes it much harder to get to the outcomes, which impacts competitive positioning.

That’s where Vexata and Levyx come in.

Record-Breaking Performance for Financial Trading Systems

Levyx’s Xenon, an accelerated computing platform, running on Vexata’s high-performance NVMe Flash storage systems, recently set a new standard of performance for processing large-scale simulated financial transactions using trading algorithms.

At the core of Levyx is the patented indexing algorithm that was built originally to take advantage of much faster devices like NVMe systems.

The Vexata VX-OS architecture eliminates latency from the storage controller to consistently deliver high performance at scale to accelerate application response time.

Together, Vexata and Levyx essentially deliver an end to end stack that addresses the low-latency requirements of financial systems.

The two companies submitted a combined solution for testing by STAC®, the Securities Technology Analysis Center, to clearly illustrate how to deliver breakthrough performance for backtesting of trading algorithms.

The results were off the charts. Levyx’s persistent dataframe layer perfectly complements the NVMe storage layer delivered by Vexata resulting in a solution that is optimized to access large, live, mission-critical datasets for financial backtesting and production use of trading models and risk analytics.

And That’s Not All… Lower Infrastructure Cost Leads to Even Higher Profits

Levyx and Vexata estimate that the cost of the new solution is just a third the cost of the previous record holder.

Both Vexata’s hardware and Levyx’s software integrate into existing infrastructure to deliver a significant performance boost. The solution thus achieves increased performance with less infrastructure, resulting in a 300% improvement in the price/performance ratio over the industry’s next best alternative solution.

As detailed in this solution brief, the Vexata/Levyx system is a complete solution to overcome bottlenecks and reduce latency to drive higher alpha – faster and more efficiently. If you happen to be visiting the STAC summits in Chicago or New York this month, please stop by to meet with myself and the other Vexata specialists who will be there to answer any questions.

In the upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how to utilize the Vexata and Levyx systems to your advantage, as well as get some best practices to eliminate bottlenecks. Sign up for the webinar today.

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