The SAS Analytics Challenge

Gary Archer

Customers in FSI, Insurance, Healthcare, and Lifesciences organizations are being challenged with the 100s of terabytes of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and various mobile platforms. Instead of spending time on data analysis to get timely results, these customers spend most of their time on the extract, transform, and load processes (ETL) around this data. These customers think that traditional all-flash arrays as the silver bullet that will solve their problems, but because of controller bottlenecks, they are unsatisfied.

That’s why the Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array is a better platform to address the needs of these high performance analytics workloads. With the VX-100F, customers can utilize the ultra-low latency and massive ingest bandwidths for both random and sequential read/write workloads used by their SAS analytic applications. Vexata also deals with growing data and does not require a rip and replace of the storage infrastructure. Intel® found the VX-100F to be ideal for SAS and a solutions architect in their software solutions group said the “Vexata Flash Array is the highest performing storage for SAS.”

Hear about boosting SAS performance from SAS experts at Vexata and Destiny Corporation, a Business and Technology firm that is a SAS gold partner. This webcast illustrates how Vexata can eliminate I/O bottlenecks, which makes it ideal for accelerating long-running SAS analytics jobs.

SAS Health Check

In this webinar, you will hear about Vexata and Destiny Corporation providing a free SAS performance assessment that has the goal of identifying the I/O bottlenecks of your SAS processes and identifying the cause of long-running SAS jobs. No SAS users need to be involved for this analysis. Sign up for a SAS Analytics assessment here:

Analytics heavy application teams, ETL teams, and SAS users as well as key business individuals who can identify which types of analysis are required and cause the longest execution times should participate in this health check.

Why Vexata for SAS Workloads?

The SAS solution brief shows that the Vexata VX-100F provides SAS applications with over 40GB/s of read throughput, 20GB/s of write throughput, and over 40GB/s of mixed read/write throughput. This shows that the VX-100F is a transformative enterprise storage system that can deliver significant performance for an intensive SAS I/O workloads, easily supporting these scenarios with headroom for growth.

A great example of the Vexata solution used for SAS analytics is at a global financial customer. The customer’s fraud detection operation was seeing massive data growth due to increasing mobile traffic, so in order to maintain the proper levels of risk avoidance, they needed storage infrastructure that could maintain the proper performance levels. This financial services customer used SAS Fraud Management analytics, which uses embedded machine learning to detect anomalies in real-time. This SAS application requires a significant amount of throughput, but the AFA that the customer used was not scaling to meet the data growth, which forced them to consider alternative platforms.

The customer added Vexata into the existing storage network and provisioned hot volumes onto it and immediately saw timely SAS results. The customer was so impressed with Vexata that they replaced multiple servers and all-flash arrays (AFAs) with one 6U Vexata storage array, getting a 4:1 server consolidation and a near-instant return on investment.

Like this customer, many SAS-based AI/ML/DL environments use multiple servers and find that their servers outpace their SSD-based AFAs. They require several AFAs to run AI/ML/DL applications. When they use Vexata, its parallel and distributed media access design fully enables the NVMe flash to unleash its full potential for SAS analytics. Vexata gives them a platform that delivers 10X more bandwidth than a leading AFA. It’s high I/O performance enables SAS architects to get higher utilization and increase the number of users.

You can learn more about Vexata solutions for SAS analytics by viewing this web page:, sending an email to, or calling 1-408-934-6334.

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