Meet Vexata at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit

Rick Walsworth

Since 2006, the team at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) have done an amazing job of bringing together large and small silicon, systems and software vendors alongside industry press, analysts and end users in the one single forum.  The 13th edition of FMS August 7-9th in Santa Clara is no exception, offering compelling keynotes and a diverse agenda that covers a broad range of topics ranging from the details of solid-state storage chip design to NVMe-oF software implementations to marketing of high-performance flash-based systems. FMS 2018 truly offers something for everyone.

This year, Vexata is proud to be supporting the Flash Memory Summit by exhibiting in the Intel Booth (#745) featuring the #Vexata product family supporting both NVMe Flash and Optane versions of the VX-100 across a broad range of use cases including high performance analytics, machine learning and quant trading.  Of course, we’ll be featuring deep dive technical demonstrations and architecture level discussions about how to solve some of the most critical enterprise challenges using a scalable NVMe based array that uses the latest 3D-NAND chips as well as the latest in 3D-XPoint technology, IntelOptaneTM.

As an Intel Capital backed company, we were truly honored to be selected to participate with Intel at Flash Memory Summit and showcasing the VX-100 product family with some very interesting demo stations staffed by some of Vexata’s best and brightest minds (the author is excluded from the list).  The keynote address offered by Rob Crooke Wednesday at 11AM titled: “Break Through the Bottlenecks with Optane, Store More with 3D NAND” is sure to be very interesting.

What follows is a summary of what you can see by stopping by the Vexata demo kiosk within the Intel booth at the Flash Memory Summit:

Vexata will be showcasing the VX-100 Scalable NVMe array, which is available in two separate configurations as shown below:

  • The VX-100F which features NVMe 3D-NAND SSDs
  • VX-100M which features NVMe IntelOptaneTM3D-XPoint storage class memory.
  • These demos both highlight how Vexata is able to utilize the full potential of the flash media by delivering a storage architecture that eliminates controller latency.
  • Vexata is the only enterprise-class storage system that supports both NVMe Flash and Optane based media supporting standard Fibre Channel in addition to NVMe-oF protocols using both 40GbE and 32Gb Fibre Channel interfaces
  • As discovered by many of Vexata’s successful customer deployments, Vexata delivers breakthrough economics, transformative performance and simplified operations for high-performance database, analytics and machine learning use cases.
  • The performance and scale achieved by this architecture is unmatched – for example, a fully loaded VX-100M system can deliver up to 90GB/s of throughput with over 55GB/s Read and 35GB/s of sustained write throughput with system latencies as low as 15uS Read and 15uS Write.
  • The demonstrations will show use cases for large scale Oracle deployments and how by leveraging the performance of Vexata combined with Oracle Flash Cache you can see a 200% performance improvement while cutting the number of compute cores by 8!
  • These demos highlight the extensibility of the Vexata architecture for customers that are looking to migrate from traditional Fibre Channel environments to NVMe fabrics across both Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet networks across a number of use cases.

The Vexata technical staff on site are able to take a closer look at any specific use cases that you may have to better understand how the VX-100 can address your specific storage challenges.  What we’ll recommend is to set up some time to meet with your application and analytics teams to learn more about how these solutions can address your needs.

Please make a point to come to the Flash Memory Summit and stop by booth #745 to meet with the Vexata technical staff or you can contact me directly at

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