Scaling Oracle: Lessons Learned

Venky Nagapudi

Scaling performance and capability for Oracle database systems has always been a point of difficulty for database managers and storage operations decision-makers, and the options have always been limited in flexibility, scope, and scale. However, help is near. Vexata’s array capabilities represent a breakthrough in the world of Oracle database management. Venky Nagapudi, VP of Product Management at Vexata presented a webcast on Scaling Oracle: Lessons Learned that covered the massive growth in performance that can be achieved by using Vexata systems to scale Oracle database storage.

Oracle databases are used for mission critical work for companies all over the globe to power their on-line transactions and business analytics. As enterprise businesses becomes increasingly data oriented, and the emerging fields like machine learning and artificial intelligence begin to unlock the core potential of big data, there is an increasing need for scalability within data storage, processing, and analytics (these businesses might include software, credit cards, financials – any enterprise seeking to leverage data for high-value decision-making).

Throughout the enterprise economy there is an increasing need to handle more transactions and more users across more applications, and the rate of performance required to support this expansion is growing just as fast. But, because every enterprise has different storage and processing configurations, any solution would require significant flexibility in addition to its performance and storage services. In this case, Vexata shines, functioning smoothly with Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and/or NVMe protocol configurations. In Venky’s presentation, he outlined both how Vexata functions with these protocols, as well as demonstrating how Vexata solutions have been deployed in a collection of real-world examples.

Vexata’s scalable systems have been thoroughly tested and proven in production environments and with enterprises of varying sizes. While some enterprises may require several months to make decisions about infrastructure improvement, other enterprises are making fast choices based on urgent needs for both capacity and growth – as soon as they realize the need to grow their footprint, and at a rate that’s impossible with their current infrastructure, they need a solution immediately and it has to be something disruptive. Generally this means being able to add more drives to the system and increasing performance and storage size at the same time, and this can come with a number of complications. Other solutions might require system or application downtime during a transition phase, but Vexata’s arrays integrate smoothly with ongoing processes, massively increasing storage and processing without disrupting existing workflow patterns. Plus, increasing power can be as simple as adding new enterprise storage modules (ESMs) until the maximum processing rate of 7M iops is reached. While this degree of increased performance is impressive, perhaps more impressive is that it costs less than any of the other options including engineered systems.

Venky’s webinar made it simple to understand: Vexata offers the most cost-effective and highest performing Oracle database storage in the market, with the flexibility to help enterprises start small and scale big. You’ll get clear proof of concept of the functionality of Vexata arrays, their capabilities, and how Vexata is capable of achieving performance rates of up to 50x their competition.

The webinar also discussed how Vexata storage can be deployed into both traditional FC environments as well as for emerging NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeoF). While traditional SCSI based FC storage systems offer great shared storage services, they don’t offer great performance. The newly emerging NVMeoF startups provide great performance with their systems but no significant storage services. The webinar discusses how the Vexata architecture provides the best of both worlds by bringing shared high performance storage using FC or NVMeoF protocols.

Last but not least, the webinar discussed the value of Vexata as a multi-purpose array for OLTP, OLAP and consolidation use cases as opposed to engineered systems. While these engineered systems provide services only for Oracle databases, but won’t function for alternative platforms, Vexata is designed to consolidate multiple applications across different platforms, allowing you the flexibility to find solutions regardless of data or storage dispersal. In this light, Vexata is a viable competitor to engineered systems in storage, performance, and flexibility.

If you want to learn more about Vexata solutions and understand how a Vexata array might provide answers your enterprise’s storage and processing needs, view this webcast: Scaling Oracle: Lessons Learned.

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