Your business runs on active data. It's time your infrastructure did the same.

Introducing the world's first
Active Data Fabric

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Harness the power of your active data

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Vexata’s Active Data Infrastructure brings transformative performance at scale to the data-intensive applications fueling our digital economy.

Passive data

Infrequently accessed data that is stored in long term repositories.

Active data

Critical data for time-sensitive decisions, analysis, and simulation

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Transformative performance and disruptive economics

Vexata scalable storage systems bring 10x improvements for both transactional and analytics application performance, without tuning, tiering, or re-architecting.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

OLTP systems place heavy stresses on data center Infrastructure and current all-flash arrays.  When I/O latency increases, it can directly impact a businesse’s bottom line.

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Online Analytics Processing (OLAP)

Analytics systems provide the insight needed to make rapid business decisions based on real-time data. Poor throughput will throttle business outcomes.

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Hybrid Transaction and Analytics Processing (HTAP)

Simultaneous support of transaction processing and analysis can transform business objectives. HTAP Data systems must support high IOPs and bandwidth without compromise.

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Every microsecond matters

Today's applications have zero tolerance for latency, but in-memory systems can be costly, complex and constrained.

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Sustained latency

VX-100M Optane vs. >1000uS from leading all-flash arrays

Welcome to the future of active data

Business critical applications require active data infrastructure:

  • Cut through data access for low latency
  • Massive parallel data access for enterprise scaling
  • A distributed, fault-tolerant architecture

Future proof

Open architecture to provide simple migration to future non-volatile memory innovations.

World-class support

Custom support levels to meet the strictest enterprise service levels.

More active data

Process higher volumes of active data at higher velocity for 10x more productivity and faster, more accurate insights.

Lower TCO

More bandwidth and IOPS deliver more simultaneous sessions, users and transactions with much less infrastructure, dramatically lowering your capital and operational expenses.

Bandwidth to spare

When Enterprise applications scale, they can crush all-flash arrays, the Vexata system delivers up to 80GBps of throughput in a compact, 6U form factor.

Simplified deployments

Vexata systems are purpose-built to simplify deployment of large complex database and analytics environments.

Consistent I/O delivery

The Vexata system serves up more than 7 Million IOPS at consistently low latencies, even at scale.

Plug and play

Vexata utilizes industry standard Fiber Channel interfaces to integrate seamlessly into existing SAN infrastructure.

Fundamental to application performance

The scale and performance to process higher volumes of active data, delivering more productivity and greater insights from larger data sets

More IOPS than leading all-flash array

Less latency

The cost of leading solutions

More bandwith and active sessions

Aggregate throughput for SAS Gid

Total write throughput for SAS Grid

STAC bandwith benchmarks

Sustained I/O latency leading all-flash array

New STAC Benchmarks for the FISery Inustry

DWFT rating for quad socket server

OLTP Transactions per second

Sub-1ms latency accuracy under load

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Future Proof Architecture

The Vexata Active Data Fabric (ADF) provides data access for traditional and emerging application ecosystems. Core to ADF are VX-OS, VX-100 and VX-Manager.   


The Vexata Operating System (VX-OS) is the core engine that powers all Vexata data systems. The VX-OS provides complete data access and functionality to support the controller functionality, the ultra-low latency request handling and all of the system resilience and data services.


The VX-100 scalable systems are a family of high availability 6U, hot-pluggable blade systems that provide up low latency, high throughput access to all NVMe Flash or 3D XPoint media. The system is very scalable, allowing from 4 to 16 Enterprise Storage Modules (ESMs), featuring non-disruptive upgrades, no single point of failure and up to 99.9999% system availability.


VX-Manager is an enterprise grade web-enabled management and system analytics platform that provides complete visibility, monitoring and provisioning capabilities from a single console with user access privileges and REST APIs for simple integration into larger management frameworks.

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